How To Get Around Using Sat Nav 0

Satellite navigation, or GPS (which stands for Global Positioning System) is a luxury that allows one to get where they have to go in a guided, narrated fashion. They allow you to avoid getting lost as much as possible! Created in increments over the past decades, GPS systems can

How To Remove Sap From Your Car 0

Sap is a natural element that can damage the paint job of a car. This substance is commonly thought to just come from the sap of trees. However, it is also undigested excrement from insects left on branches and leaves. No matter how well the exterior surface of a

NASCAR Racing Strategies 0

NASCAR strategy starts from above the race track, and not on it. Drivers rely on team members in the press box and other elevated locatons that act as spotters. They advise of any problems or opportunities ahead on the track. The spotters are in constant radio contact with the

Auto Racing Flag Rules 0

The flags in auto racing is the way that officials communicate with the drivers. By understanding what the flag is saying you will be able to know exactly what the drivers know during a race. The first thing to understanding the flag language in auto racing is to understand

How To Drive Green 0

The cost of fuel will never decrease to the levels that were once seen 30 years ago. While the price of everything seems to be increasing, except wages, there are alternative methods to execute to stay ahead of the game. Not only will you use less fuel on trips

How To Clean Car Seat Tracks 0

Your car is like your second home, you use your car daily for going to different places like to work and school. In order to give your best performance at work you need to have a fresh mind. A dirty car can be just enough to spoil your mood

How To Wax Your Car 0

Does your car’s finish look a little lackluster lately? Do you want to give it a good wash and wax, but have no idea what the steps of washing and polishing are? Then look no further. Below, we have outlined a guide to assist you in how to wax

How To Register Your Car 0

Everyone wants to be able to drive. In some cities, such as Los Angeles, and rural areas where there are no stores for miles, it’s almost imperative to not only know how to drive, but be legally able to do so. The first step in this process is obviously

How To Act If A Stranger In Another Car Is Aggressive Towards You 0

Road rage is a serious problem, and nearly every motorist will meet a jerk on the road. The best thing to do in order to avoid this is to simply not behave aggressively towards that person, and not allow them to ruin the rest of your day. However, there

How To Silence An Alarm 0

Has your car alarm ever gone off on it’s own, with no one around it? Maybe it was parked in the garage and something fell against it and set it off and now it won’t shut off when you press the alarm button on your key ring. Sometimes, the

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